I am a Christian. My life belongs to Jesus, and I have a heart for education. I do not agree with some newly popular movements whose aim is to soften up Christian doctrine.

I believe that the Bible tells us the truth — everything necessary for an individual to come to salvation, and every essential, divinely inspired truth that we need to know about how we are to conduct our lives in a manner that honors God.

I oppose indoctrination into falsehoods, and it grieves me that this is sometimes done as a part of Christian apologetics. There is one area that I must speak out on, and that is the falsehood of teaching anyone, other than perhaps the youngest of children to accommodate their level of comprehension, that the earth was created in a literal six 24-hour days, and specifically that there is a scientific basis for this. Because of this, we as evangelicals unwittingly (or purposefully!) engender a flawed view of God’s creation and a distrust of modern science across multiple disciplines — astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, and biology (including evolutionary biology). But the real casualty here is our Christian witness. This is a Web site I started during the Summer of 2011 to explain my concerns about this.

It has no bearing on any individual Christian’s salvation what he or she thinks about the “how” of creation. I have no problem with anyone’s personal beliefs. However, some large organizations have their primary purpose to tie the gospel message to a specific interpretation of how God created, and to call this science when it is clearly not. Supporting these “creation science” organizations is destructive to our goal of evangelizing the lost, especially young people with an interest in science — real science.

I would appreciate any and all comments via email, please: jude@truecreation.org. I humbly welcome contrarian views and correction. All I ask is that you would first read my main article “On Matters of Faith and Science” or the short essays which can be reached from the site’s title menu, such as “Is Evolution Statistically Impossible?”

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The Evidence. Numerous creation science organizations today seek to prove the existence of God. This is a short essay describing the real evidence of God that they, and all of us, should be seeking.

The Ham and Nye Debate. On February 4th, 2014, Ken Ham (of “Answers in Genesis”) and Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) engaged in a debate about modern science and young-Earth creationism. Here’s my take on it.

Is Evolution Statistically Impossible?. Statistical calculations are sometimes given alongside arguments that the molecular machinery of life is so highly complex that it couldn’t have come together by chance during the lifetime of the universe. Are these arguments valid?

Why are Young People Leaving the Church?. A study by the Barna Group, a respected Christian research organization, cited churches’ antagonism to science as a reason why many Christians are leaving the faith. This article explores the reasons for this.

Is Intelligent Design a Science?. I am in full agreement with the concept of intelligent design insofar as God designed the universe and everything in it for His glory. The problem with this term, particularly when it is capitalized, is that it is used exclusively by pseudoscientific creationist organizations. This article describes why Intelligent Design is not valid as a science.

On Matters of Faith and Science. This is my main article, a short online book promoting the harmony of the Christian faith with real science. Individual chapters are:

1. Prologue
2. What Does the Bible Say?
3. How Does Evolution Really Work?
4. Life, Death, and the Tree of Life
5. Terminology and Misconceptions
6. Young Earth Creationism
7. Old Earth Creationism and Intelligent Design
8. Absolute Truth
9. Teach the Controversy?
10. “Expelled” and “The Truth Project”
11. Miracles
12. Theistic Evolution (Evolutionary Creationism, BioLogos)
13. Epilogue
Appendix A. Books
Appendix B. Online Resources
Appendix C. References
Appendix D. Quotations

Appendix B: Books, in particular, has a list of books which I have read and can recommend, along with a 10-second book review for each one. And Appendix D: Quotations may have some surprises in store.

None of us were there when God accomplished His work of creation. However, that does not preclude us from using all of the faculties and resources that God has given us to discover as much as we can about the world He has entrusted to us. If you agree, feel free pass along this Web site.


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